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This commercial project was for an electrical engineering company in Yorkshire.

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The existing building & the current space within wasn’t able to cater for the company’s future expansion plans.

The void above the ceiling level was interrupted by a series of steel fink trusses which made space unusable.


The brief was to create office space to a new first-floor level, with the remaining part having double-height space to facilitate storage of materials.

Work carried out:

The principle contractor stripped back the existing roof & prepared the substructure ready for our arrival.

Raised eaves and gable panels were used to the perimeter walls to lift the roofline. This saved time on site & eliminated the need for wet trades to build up to the required wall level.

The building footprint was approximately 9.7m wide & 20m between gables, and the required roof pitch was 30°.

165mm rafter panels were used to span between wall plates.

Ceiling ties & cheek walls were designed in to assist with the spans & associated connection loads. Internal load bearing walls were also introduced deal with the high design loads, this meant the rear part of the building could be uninterrupted double-height space to provide the storage requirements.

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