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200 Years minimum expected lifespan


A revolutionary new light gauge steel warm frame home building system has recently received a welcome seal of approval in the form of test evidence produced by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) which concluded a minimum 200 year expected lifespan when used in a warm frame construction.

U-Roof Limited, based in Elland, West Yorkshire, manufactures and supplies a galvanised cold-rolled steel roofing and full frame solution that’s attracting the interest of selfbuilders, builders and architects across the UK.

The system is already in place at hundreds of housing developments and self build locations across the country with its distinctive, gleaming Meccano-style structure proving to be an eye-catching feature of the construction phase.

Inventor and U-Roof founder David Thurston commented:

These findings further endorse what is already acknowledged as a very strong, dependable and adaptable frame building system that saves on both time and money during construction and proof that British innovation is still very much alive. The SCI, together with the NHBC (National House Building Council), concur that it is not unreasonable to expect a lifespan for a warm frame galvanised steel construction in excess of 200 years. The data from the SCI proves that the system is fit for purpose for considerably longer than previous expectations offering builders, homeowners, lenders and insurers real peace of mind when it comes to product durability.

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